Thank you for your interest in our puppies and dogs.

So You Want To Buy A Rottweiler….

From this page you can fill out our prospective owners questionnaire and take a look at our contract templates for both show/working and companion purchases.  The contracts we use are to protect you, us, and most importantly the puppy you are buying. Our contract is to make sure we talk about items we feel are important and to make sure we agree on these points.

Occasionally we have adult dogs that need a new home. Usually these are dogs that we have decided not to use as show dogs or working dogs or perhaps will not meet the high standards we set for ourselves for our breeding program. These dogs have the added benifits of already being housebroken, crate trained, they are spayed/nuetered, all their shots are up to date and the cost of OFA testing is  already completed. If you are interested in a dog instead of a puppy, this might be the perfect option for you. Please fill out the prospective owners questionnaire and we will gladly talk with you in more detail about what you are looking for. Our adoption process is similar to our purchase process, but there are some differences in requirements and cost.